Ayurvedic Rituals


Detailed questions about personal lifestyle precede any treatment. At the
core of Ayurvedic philosophy is the concept of the three body types
(doshas) – vata, pitta and kapha – the vital energies that make up each
constitution. Assessing the balance of these energies allows the
practitioner to suggest the most appropriate treatment.

5  mins

Tri-dosha Energy Flow Massage

An ancient Oleation Therapy, traditionally given by two therapists, who work in tandem, but can also be given by a single therapist.
Abhyanga is a full body massage using warm herbal oils, selected according to ones dosha. It works on marma (vital) points to release any blockages, bringing balance to both body and mind.
It is a detoxifying treatment, eliminating impurities, strengthening, boosting the immune system, therefore increasing vitality.
GOOD FOR: relaxation, anxiety, fatigue, skin complaints, eczema.

1 hr  35 mins   (+ changing time)  £70

Tri-dosha Herbal Powder Bolus Massage
Therapeutic herbal plants are tied in a muslin cloth and made into a bundle (bolus). After warming in hot oil the bolus is used to massage the body, using a technique called pummelling. It not only rejuvenates, nourishes, strengthens, increases elimination but, is also great for sport enthusiasts as it addresses pains related to the joints and achy muscles.

GOOD FOR: Boosting circulation arthritis, stiff joints and sore muscles, certain skin conditions.

1 hr  20 mins (+ changing time)   £60