Add a rainbow to your shower…


Which is your scent… fresh, fruity or flowery?
Add a rainbow to your shower and pick your favourite for only £5!
(normally £7.95)

This is a fabulous offer for those thinking of moving towards using less chemicals within their beauty routine or those stocking up on their favourite scent! However, be quick as as this offer ends at midnight tonight!

If you have any questions or would like me to order for you I will be placing a Weleda order tonight. Please send through any orders to me by 9pm tonight.

You can have a look on both my Web Shop and my Facebook  page for more details.

Mairead x


Weleda Wellbeing Advisor


I am super excited to announce…  I have become a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor!  I have been busy training in skincare and spa products and now begin my amazing journey into the fragrant world of Weleda!!  I am extremely passionate about using natural products, so was on the look out for an amazing skincare and body range to work in harmony with my treatments and Weleda fits perfectly!

For all of you who are unfamiliar with Weleda, I will be introducing some of the product range over the coming weeks and will be taking appointments for some free skincare consultations, which also includes a free 15 min facial – so you can experience these wonderful products for yourself!


Weleda was founded in 1921 in Switzerland and have over 90 years experience within the world of natural medicine and skincare.  All products are plant based, 100% certified natural, made with Biodynamic and organic ingredients, chemical free and many are suitable for vegans!

All products are certified in accordance with NaTrue’s stringent criteria for natural and organic skincare. The main focus is on quality – from the selection of raw materials to the holistic product.


Weleda’s aim is to help everyone of all ages, to regain their health and achieve a sense of wellbeing.  They do this in a manner that is natural, ethical and safe, which doesn’t injure the environment or animals and uses products of a particularly high quality. A number of plants are grown as part of fair trade projects, providing long-term, sustainable development for many regions, their environment and inhabitants.  This approach characterises all what Weleda is about – green… whats not to love!!

So to find out what is coming next… follow me and please share with all your friends and family who truly love natural, organic skin and body care!  You can also follow me on instagram and Facebook and I also have my own Weleda web shop – full of amazing skincare goodies and monthly offers!  Enjoy and look forward to meeting and chatting to you all!

Mairead x

Nourish your body – sore throat and laryngitis remedy


With the change in seasons many of us can feel under the weather with colds, coughs or viral infections, especially a sore throat or laryngitis.  I personally find the use of essential oils in steam inhalation and  chest rubs or having hot drinks are the most effective remedies.  Also inhalation  has the added bonus of drawing out impurities from the skin, resulting in a clearer complexion!

Sore Throat and Laryngitis Remedy

  • steam inhalation – filling a bowl with hot water and add the following oils: 3 drops Lavender;  2 drops Chamomile and 1 drop Thyme.  Cover head with towel and steam for 10 minutes, twice daily if possible.
  • Chest/ neck rub – massage over chest, neck and behind ears with the following oils:  3 drops Chamomile; 2 drops Lemon and  1 drop Thyme.  Add to 50 ml of carrier oil (almond or grapeseed) or an unscented lotion.
  • Hot drink: in order to ease soreness make up a drink using hot water, with half a squeezed Lemon, a spoon of honey to taste and  I also add some grated ginger.

Have a go at these remedies and you such see an improvement.  Let me know how you get on.

Mairead x