Nourish your senses – Benzoin essential oil


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For thousands of years Benzoin has been used in the east for incense, inducing meditative states and warding off evil spirits!  More recently it was an ingredient in ‘Friar’s Balsam’, referred to as gum Benzoin, a component in a traditional cough medicine.  Today it is used as a fixative in perfumes.

The Benzoin tree is cultivated in Java, Samatra and Thailand.  The sap is  extracted from the tree, by making a deep incision into the bark, catching the resin as it oozes out.  Therefore it is not strictly an essential oil and more of a resin, with a warm, creamy vanilla like aroma.

Benzoin has a very comforting and grounding effect on the emotions.  It is wonderful for stress related complaints, having a calming effect on the nervous system, especially when mixed with Rose and Sandalwood.  Benzoin brings calmness and comfort to those feeling lonely and suffering from  depression, easing exhausted emotional states.

It has a rejuvenating effect on the body, warming the heart and easing muscular tension.  It is good for arthritis and poor circulation.

Benzoin may be used to benefit all respiratory conditions such as colds, coughs, asthma and bronchitis.  It is a tonic to the lungs and very effective in expelling excess mucus and congestion, through inhalation or a chest rub.

It is a good remedy for cracked, dry, itching skin and valuable where there is redness, irritation as with dermatitis.  Therefore can be added to a hand or foot cream to aid healing, and repair the skin.

BLENDS WELL WITH: Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Coriander, Cypress, Juniper, Lavender,                                              Lemon, Myrrh, Orange and Petigrain

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