Festive Foodie Delights… Spiced Chocolate Brownies

Hi everyone, I spy some Chocolate Brownies… fudgy, chocolatey and simply moreish and spiced especially for Christmas! A must for all serious chocolate lovers! This recipe is shared from my lifestyle blog at ‘My Yellow Jumper’. Check it out and happy festive baking!

Mairead x

my yellow jumper


Hello all, its that time of year again, December… dare I say soon Christmas!  Whats not to love… twinkly lights, the scent of forest fresh pine, aroma from Christmas spices, wafting from the kitchen and an excuse to indulge and spend time with loved ones.  So on the note of indulging, for me Christmas would not complete, without some form of chocolate!

Therefore, December is the perfect time to experiment with some spices in one of my favourite bakes!  Chocolate brownies… need I say anymore, deep, dark and intensely chocolatey and who doesn’t love a good brownie.  There are many views on what makes a good brownie, with slightly different methods and additions.  I’m definitely in the ‘cake camp’, resulting in  a much lighter crumb.  I have tried and tested many recipes and nothing compares to  Nigel Slater’s brownies, light, fudgy, and a gooey texture with an intense decandant flavour.  Chocolate lovers you will be…

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Tea time – Me time


Tea time -Me time with freshly picked Peppermint leaves, refreshing, cooling and excellent for soothing and calming the digestive system, especially those suffering from IBS problems.  It is so easy to grow, and comes in lots of varieties, but best grown in pots as spreads vigirously throughout the garden.

To make Peppermint tea pick a few large sprigs and infuse in water which has just come off the boil.  It could’nt be easier!  So sit back relax and enjoy!

Mairead x