In the kitchen – Fruity Root Slaw

Hi, I had to share this delicious and nutritious Fruity Root Slaw from my lifestyle blog . Perfect autumnal colours! Give it a try and enjoy 🙂

my yellow jumper


Hello readers, can you believe it, September has arrived!!  My favourite month and time of the year.  I love the transition between the seasons, especially the exciting abundance of fruit and vegetables.  So with Autumn on the horizon, I’m now ready for a change in my diet,  think deep, earthy, and scrumptious fruits of the forest!

So if you’ve over indulged and are in need of something light, fresh and ever so nutritious, then this Fruity Root Slaw is just what your body is craving!
As a vegetarian, salads are a huge part of my diet and I love experimenting with various flavours and texture combinations.  Mostly I just look in the fridge and larder to see what is lurking in the back and plan a dish around what I’ve discovered.  In this instance I had some beetroot and a pomegranate to use and fancied a cleansing salad, especially after a weekend…

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