A closer look into the magic of… Rowallane Gardens

Hi everyone, I would like to share this beautiful post from my lifestyle blog over at my yellow jumper.

I find gardens such magical places to experience and always love to explore, picking up so much inspiration along the way. Hope you enjoy!

Mairead x

my yellow jumper


Hello everyone, Happy October!  It’s Autumn time and my favourite season.  So time to think about and plan our gardens for the coming  year. I find it difficult to resist, not buying copious amounts of Spring bulbs, especially tulips in all colours and varieties!

As much as I love urban living and its green spaces, its always good to get totally immersed among the flowers and greenery and loosing  myself, in the wilderness of a country garden.  A local park just doesn’t fulfil my inspiration.

Rowallane Gardens and House is a national trust property in Saintfield, Northern Ireland and  I always enjoy exploring.  Each visit I come across something new and interesting depending on the time of year!

This time I was in search of much needed inspiration for my tiny patch of front garden.  It is amazing what ideas you pick up, not only in the variety of flowers, but in…

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One thought on “A closer look into the magic of… Rowallane Gardens

  1. Brenda Campbell says:

    Hi Mairead Love the photos of Rowallane gardens – you really take super photos. ❤️ And your Instagram photos are awesome ! But I signed in with Facebook and got loads of photos by people I know but none of yours… think I might have to install the app on my iPad 😉 Also I can’t work out how to leave any comments, or “like” on your Yellow Jumper blog page … Jason has a button to sign in with Google or Facebook but I can’t see one on yours… perhaps it is because you aren’t on either? Ah well, I’ll have to quiz him when we chat tonight! Big hugs and lots of love to my beautiful, talented daughter in law! Xxxx Brenda

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